Thank you for choosing Aegyo Korean Merchandise. We value our customers’ experience in transacting with our online store. As such, please do read through our terms and conditions so that you can have a smooth transaction with us. As fellow Hallyu fans ourselves, we only want to help you quench your thirst for Kdrama and Kpop.

  1. All orders through Aegyo Korean Merchandise are non-cancellable. Please be 1000% sure that you’re purchasing the item and are able to pay for the item by the specified cut-off
  2. Customer must provide have a valid Facebook account and a valid email address. Updates for your orders will be provided in both of these channels.
  3. In submitting your address for shipment, please ensure that you provide the address completely and thoroughly including house number, street name, barangay and province. Any incomplete address may cause delays in shipment and will completely be out of our responsibility.
  4. We reserve the right to refuse any order you place with us due to the following reasons:
    • Lack of supply or slots available
    • Unruly and disrespectful behaviour of customer to Aegyo customer service
    • Track record of customer from transactions with Aegyo and other merchants
  1. All albums, official lightsticks, photobooks, DVDs and other official merchandise are imported directly from Korea or from where the album was officially released (e.g. Japan).
  2. All items in our product catalogue are for preorder and not on hand unless stated otherwise
  3. All Korean albums purchased from us are counted in the Hanteo and Gaon charts.
  4. In each item’s name, it is indicated if it’s Official or not.
  5. For each item, it is indicated whether it’s free shipping or not. If it’s not free shipping, shipping fees corresponding to delivery destination, actual weight and volume weight of item will be charged.
  6. All albums sold by Aegyo are brand new and sealed, which means we do not entertain card-pooling requests or “tingi” versions.
  7. All official lightsticks are tested prior to shipping to ensure that customers get non-defective items. This means we will unseal the box to make that happen. If you do not want us to unseal the item, please inform us and we will not be liable for any potential manufacturing defects found with the lightstick.
  8. Pre-order benefits (POB) associated with First Press for album orders are available only if customer orders by the first-press cutoff and pay at least 50% DP. Failure to meet the deadline will mean deprioritization for POB. Please also take note that there is a chance that you may not get the POB even if you made it for the first press cut-off due to the limited availability in Korea with our suppliers as well.
  9. All freebies provided by Korean suppliers to Aegyo are given to customers as well. Aegyo does not keep any freebies to ourselves as this diminishes our clients’ customer experience.
  10. Official posters are by default folded unless requested by the customer to be tubed, for which there is a corresponding additional charge of 200 PHP (covers the tube and the additional shipping fee associated with the tube). Posters are random, which means Aegyo cannot reserve the customers certain members’ posters in advance (where applicable).
  11. If any official item includes a free photocard or item that corresponds to different members, the selection of the member for the freebie will happen only once the items arrive in the Philippines before being shipped to the customer. Notification for selection will be done by order of full payment and selection will be done on a first come first served basis.
  1. We accommodate at least 50% downpayment for Official Lightsticks, albums, DVDs, photobooks and other official merchandise only. If you avail of the 50% downpayment arrangement, you will be required to settle the rest of your balance within 1 week of notification of Aegyo that item has arrived in the Philippines. We do not ship prior to full payment
  2. BDO, BPI Deposits – Customer must provide a photo of the deposit slip if paid over the counter or the screenshot of the online bank transfer and the confirmation email as proof of payment. All relevant transaction fees (where applicable) is shouldered by the customer.
  3. LBC Over the Counter Payments – Customer must provide a photo of the receipt from LBC. Customer must ensure that the name provided for remittance by Aegyo is correctly spelled to avoid having to go back to LBC and have the detail changed as it becomes uncollectible by the seller. All relevant transaction fees (where applicable) is shouldered by the customer.
  4. Palawan Over the Counter Payments – Customer must provide a photo of the receipt from Palawan as well as the text message confirmation from Palawan. Customer must ensure that the name provided for remittance by Aegyo is correctly spelled to avoid having to go back to LBC and have the detail changed as it becomes uncollectible by the seller. All relevant transaction fees (where applicable) is shouldered by the customer.
  5. PayPal – Customer must provide a screenshot proof of the transfer and the confirmation email. All relevant transaction fees (where applicable) is shouldered by the customer by using the Send to Friend option.
  6. Cash on Delivery is not accepted for orders and is not a valid excuse for customers to cancel orders as the payment methods are indicated since the beginning of the order process.
  1. The estimated time of arrival is determined per batch. Usually ETA is 4-6 weeks from end of cut-off or release of album, depending on the item.
  2. We do not entertain fast ETA of items unless published by Aegyo for certain items
  3. Potential delays from ETA may be caused by the following:
    • Processing in customs
    • Delay in release from Korea
    • Delay of courier
    • Force Majeure (Acts of God / Unforeseeable circumstances)
  1. Items are shipped through Abest Express Inc. and Kwikmove Courier Services.
  2. Prior to shipping, Aegyo will inform the customer once the item is already on hand to inform the customer about the courier and the tracking number.
  3. The general delivery time of the couriers is as follows:
    • Metro Manila – 1-3 Business Days after receipt of courier
    • Provincial Areas – 3-10 Business Days after receipt of courier
  4. Once waybill number has been provided, it is the responsibility of the customer to track at the corresponding websites of the couriers. We cannot provide you an exact time and date of the delivery of your item as this is dependent on the load of the couriers.
  5. Complaints, claims, concerns or questions about shipment status once tracking number has been provided must be coursed through the couriers and not to Aegyo.
  6. Reshipping fee for parcels that was returned to us due to incorrect address, unknown consignee, unclaimed for pickup in LBC branch or uncontactable contact number will be shouldered by the customer. Reshipping fee must be paid before we ship the package again.
  7. No meet-ups will be entertained by Aegyo.
  8. Please notify us once you have received your package so as to help us mark your order as complete. If you do not inform us, Aegyo will confirm your package as delivered upon reflecting in our courier’s tracking website as delivered.
  1. Aegyo does not manufacture the items being sold. Factory defects for sealed items such as missing photocards, other missing inclusions, defective CDs, missing songs, folded pages, discoloured printing or anything that falls under this are not under Aegyo’s control. No refunds or exchanges will be entertained.
  2. Refunds will only be paid if the item is confirmed to be sold out or phased out. This status will only be confirmed once Aegyo orders from our suppliers. Take note that refunds will be processed within 1 week from notification to the customer.
  3. Official lightsticks have been tested by Aegyo Korean Merchandise prior to shipment (unless requested by the customer to not unseal, customer is solely liable). Any potential defects arising within days, weeks or months after customers’ receipt of the lightstick is not within the liability of Aegyo – whether it’s personally caused or a manufacturing defect. If you want to check if this will be covered by warranty, customer will bear the shipping costs associated to ship it back to Korea and back to their address, regardless of result of warranty. Aegyo can only assist in processing the warranty in Korea but will not in any case shoulder shipping fees associated with warranty claim. This is merely provided as a value-added service for customers.
  4. Aegyo shall not be liable for loss or damage in your item arising from act of God or natural calamity during shipment from KR to PH, during sorting and packaging, and during local shipping. If you have any complaints on local shipping, you will have to claim that from the courier as Aegyo packs items as securely as possible.

By ordering from us, you confirm that you abide by the terms and conditions provided by Aegyo Korean Merchandise.